RF Online with a little Twist

We know people have grown up since the first release of this game and don't have as much time to play anymore, so we made it a jump in an play anytime Server.

Malice Features

Rented Items

There are 100s of RF Servers out there so we focus more on Rented items.

Unique Map Designs

See all the Maps you already know in a different light. Some Tress might look different ;-)

High Level Cap

All the servers out there are either level cap 50, 55 or 65. Here you can level to 120.

Player Feedback

We are always gonna take Player Feedback very seriously. We will listen and review and if need be action all feedback.

Awesome Support

Our Customer Support is Out of this World. The is no Customer that is not important to us. Low, Mid and High level Players.


Because we are gonna focus more on Rented Gameplay we are gonna make our Donation System dirt Cheap, affordable for all.

Why Choose Us

With the insane amount of RF server out there and a new one opening litteraly every single day the question WHY US is a valid one. Well by now you ahve read our Features already, but just to sum up the most important ones. Here there are again in a List.

Constant Development/Improvements

High Level Cap of 120

Dirt Cheap Donation System

Awesome Custom Support

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